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Lost For Swords Update v1.19

Posted by MaxBytes - October 5th, 2023

Hi there!

I've been busy the last weeks gathering and integrating all kinds of feedback you folks have left me since the last update. And today, I published a brand new version of Lost For Swords here on Newgrounds. There are a lot of new features, content and improvements.

(if want to just go play, head over to https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/897692)


Here's what's new:

  • reworked whole out-of-run structure, integrated tutorial into main game and added a new separate tutorial for rogue
  • allow players to pick up emeralds instead of a card between rooms
  • reworked upgrading at Cardsmith: first upgrade is free, then each additional upgrade costs 50
  • reworked selling at Merchant: selling does not gain you emeralds anymore, but instead: first card removal is free, each additional one costs 50
  • backtracking now makes you lose 1 HP for each Monster left, not half of your HP. If your HP is less than the number of Monsters, it will set you to 1
  • the healer can only heal 6 HP, not heal fully
  • reduced whip base damage from 2 to 1: the Whip’s base damage felt a LITTLE bit too strong in the early game. The whip is supposed to be a positional tool and a get-away weapon, but not one that should deal a lot of damage right out the gate.
  • reworked how poison works: at the end of each turn (and through cards and effects), poison “triggers” and deals 1 damage to all poisoned cards and their poison value is reduced by 1. Also reworked all poison related cards
  • Poison Dagger now has Quick Attack: should make it much more viable
  • reduced effect of Frenzy and Thick Skin Trinkets (from +3 to +1): these two trinkets warped the game too much and their effect was simply too strong, yet not that interesting
  • renamed Spells to Scrolls
  • Illusory Walls are now of Card Type Contraption
  • Pillars now have health and can be destroyed
  • introduced a maximum upgrade level per card
  • Shop has 2 additional cards in store (from 6 to 8)
  • Reduced shop prices
  • spawn (sealed) door and backtrack as separate cards in last room of each floor: this does not alter the gameplay a lot, but makes the objective more clear for beginners
  • added statistics panel at end of run (successful or not)
  • winning a run shows final deck
  • proper hero defeat animations
  • Buttons for changing upgrade level while inspecting a card
  • Various performance improvements
  • bugfix: wizard was not affected by -Attack debuffs
  • bugfix: Eirene’s Crown did not have “Quick Equip” (despite card text saying so)
  • bugfix: Catnap Ring no longer triggers when monsters move on their own; it only triggers when Monsters are moved by other means: swapping place, pushing, …
  • bugfix: allow undo-ing the turn you backtracked
  • bugfix: attacking with weapon does not show “unarmed” anymore (thanks Moox)

New Cards:

  • Venomous Shuriken
  • Pocketless Cloak
  • Bagoas’ Belt
  • Prop Master’s Ring
  • Wrath
  • Murad’s Mace

Pfew... that was a lot! :D

Thanks for reading and see you at the next patch! :)

Bye! (ʘ‿ʘ)╯




Huzzah! Excited to play!