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Hi there!

Oh boy, another big one! New update for Lost For Swords incoming, with loots of additions, improvements, changes and bugfixes!


If that sparked your interest, head over to https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/897692

Here are the details:

  • Boss rework:
  • bosses are immune to all damage while there are still other monsters on the board
  • rebalanced boss HP, Attack and Monster spawn rate
  • reworked most of the Sins and Sin related cards:
  • Sin interaction does not move hero onto the Sin anymore, but next to it
  • many Sins replace themselves by putting a card in their place after interaction
  • reworked Stalker to not swap place after attack: was too strong
  • reworked Blessed Hammer: now triggers before monsters act
  • reworked how damage is dealt to Monsters in deck: before, Monster defense always stayed at the Monster’s base value while in the deck, and never got reduced when they took damage. After the change, Monster defense in the deck behaves the same as on the board. And a Monster’s defense is reset to their base value after the deck gets shuffled between rooms
  • Hero XP: each hero gains XP by completing floors of towers, unlocking cards
  • renamed Feeble to Cowardly
  • reworked Cowardly: a cowardly Monster can only flee when its their turn, not directly after getting attacked
  • slightly reworked how Brute attack increase works: Brutes gets +2 attack when its their turn, if they have been attacked this turn (including unarmed attacks)
  • Bloody Chest and Strange Chest have Eager
  • reworked Doublecast into a Scroll (was a Spell)
  • Mimic drops 20 Emeralds when defeated
  • switched order of deck shuffling and auto-equip: auto-equip is first, then shuffling
  • ability to unlock content in options menu
  • better visuals when Monsters in deck are dealt damage
  • show hero (and their HP) on card-find screen
  • shuffle deck sound effect
  • fixed rendering for many different resolutions, including Galaxy Z Fold5
  • added particles for cards with quick or slow interact
  • added particles for quick and slow cast spells

New Cards:

  • Force Multiplier
  • Hungry Sword
  • Intimidation Ring
  • Auramancer’s Amulet
  • Ring Of Patience

Thanks for reading and see you at the next update! :)

Bye! (ʘ‿ʘ)╯

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