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Hi there!

Yet another big update! New update for Lost For Swords incoming, with loots of additions, improvements, changes and bugfixes!


If that sparked your interest, head over to https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/897692

Here are the details:

  • between rooms, you’re given the option to pick the next room layout to go to, with differing amounts of monsters and loot
  • Rogue rework: updated mechanics (push), new mechanics (stealth), new and updated cards. See below for details
  • push rework: pushed cards continue to push the cards they bump into
  • boss rework: reduce the size of the initial monster deck, but boss adds new monsters to the deck after each phase
  • teleport rework: teleportation is now an explicit counter on hero that determines how often hero can still teleport to empy spots on the board
  • additional difficulty (+5): increased vendor prices
  • reduced boss difficulty: decreased boss attack and monster amount
  • disallow upgrading of some starter deck cards: Rusty Sword, Broken Shield, Leather Cap
  • Healer shows up in some mezzanine rooms, offering healing in exchange for emeralds
  • switched effects of Poison The Well and Everlasting Poison
  • reworked Bagoas Belt: adds potions of poison to deck now
  • reworked Shield Slam
  • reworked Pocket Wormhole
  • reworked Shadow Presence
  • removed Reactive Armor
  • removed Defensive Dagger
  • buffed Poison Cloud
  • nerfed scaling of Lance
  • nerfed scaling of Mjölnir
  • increased healing of Large HP Potion from 6 to 9
  • when attacking with regular speed weapon, and target dies before attack hits, the attack is now cancelled
  • preview of card that will be drawn when hovering over replaceable cards
  • improved rendering of equipped trinkets: more space, unobstructed trinket counters
  • show indicator for teleportable locations
  • map shows highest unlocked difficulty for each tower
  • improved visuals when hero takes damage beyond defense: armor is hit first, then HP
  • fix: moving off pressed card on board after click/tap does not trigger a selection

New Cards:

  • Concealed Rapier
  • Stealth Dagger
  • Cap Of Healing
  • Plague Doctor Cape
  • Stealth Cloak
  • Tripwires
  • Tear Of Nyx
  • Ninjutsu Pendant
  • Stealth Potion
  • I-Barrel
  • Push Wall
  • Secret Tunnel

Thanks for reading and see you at the next update! :)

Bye! (ʘ‿ʘ)╯

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